Standards and Measures

The calibration laboratory provides a fully equipped facility to measure the water flow.

VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES calibration laboratory uses a process known as "wet calibration" to test flow meters under good flow conditions on its flow rigs.

VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES calibration rig is used to test flow with diameter from 80mm to 1.200mm. The rig is used to obtain the accuracy of each flow meter by comparing its measurement performance against a known value which provided by a reference device such as a weight tank, or master flow meter.

Calibration rig at VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES is supplied by 150.000 litres from the water tank. Flow rates can be up to 5.200 m3 per hour.

VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES is specialized in meters with a differential pressure output, for example - orifice plates, venturi meters, ISA nozzles and ASME PTC-6. Calibration is carried out also on most other types of equipment including electromagnetic, turbine, ultrasonic and other mass flow meters.

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