About us


VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES aims to provide a quality services to all our clients at a reasonable cost and a good turn around time. The company has the responsibility of managing a Calibration Laboratory in terms of ISO 17025 quality standards using traceable measurement capabilities supported with precision metrology standards and equipment as well experienced personal.


VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES Laboratory is committed to using good professional practice in maintaining the quality of calibrations provided to our customers. The service level delivered to customers is focused on providing accurate traceable measurements to clients, internal and external, based on the clients requirements, within the agreed time scales , agreed costs and within the accreditation requirements where possible. Where customer’s requirements are unknown or where the customer is unsure of his requirement, manufactures recommendations will be used as far as possible. VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICES is committed to delivering a professional service to clients by employing well trained, competent personal, operating within the quality management system.


• Precision: World-class accuracy and precision in products, services and operations
• Performance: High performance products in terms of accuracy, reliability and functionality
• Profitability: Using our calibration solutions result in improved efficiency, cost savings and better quality



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