What is accreditation?

All countries, and all market sectors, have seen an increase in the number of technical regulations, standards, testing and certification procedures. Generally, these are introduced to meet the requirements of quality and safety that consumers, businesses, and regulators demand of goods and services.

The increasing number of specified standards has seen acorresponding growth in the number of organisations providingthird party evaluation of conformity and compliance with thesestandards.The accreditation process determines the technical competence and integrity of organisations that offer testing, examination,verification, inspection, calibration and certification services(collectively known as conformity assessment).

Accreditation operates in the public interest across all market sectors, providing a transparent and impartial assessment of these services against internationally recognised standards and other national or sectoral requirements. Together, conformity assessment and accreditation are importantparts of a nation’s quality infrastructure, along with metrology and standardisation. They build confidence that goods andservices, processes, management systems and the work ofindividuals comply with national and international standards andregulations. They also assist in the risk-management and decision making of manufacturers and regulators.

Calibration laboratory VENTURI CALIBRATION SERVICE is accreditate by Czech Accreditation Institute, State Body, Authorized European co-operation for Accreditation MLA-Signator.

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