VCS participate at CCA conference


Czech Calibration Association (CCA) was founded in 1990. Association has currently about 100 members. Members are from large organizations; small ones, as well as the individual private entrepreneurs. It was the goal of the Association from very beginning to address all subjects oriented to metrology – industrial (laboratories at the companies, accredited and non-accredited laboratories, also their managers and auditors), but also the labs from primary metrology area, subjects active at the legislation, manufacturers and distributors of measuring equipments and measurement software, and others.

It is expected that each member of the Association follows and respects good manners covered by the Ethical codex of the Association or by the Ethical codex of the National Accreditation bodies that the accredited laboratories agreed to honor.

Annual conferences of the Association are organized as a plenary meeting, always prepared with the aim to bring for members of Associations the advance actual information regarding new calibration procedures, legislation changes under preparation, news and changes at the area of accreditation, legal metrology, primary standards, good laboratory practice or experience of industrial laboratories. The individual discussions and informal meetings of members having similar interests are invaluable part of the conferences, as well as larger panel or round table discussions with representatives of state metrology, accreditation bodies orstate authorities.

The participation of foreign guests was and is considered very useful, as a valuable source of information and experiences in the field of measurement care. Very important is also obtaining the information from legislation process of development of new legislation standards and regulations related to metrology (Technical regulations for metrology, Technical standards, Methodical regulations for accreditation, Metrology laws, etc.) as well as transforming the EU regulations. The chance to contribute actively on these processes brings high value to the Association members – e.g. there was series of actions done at the time of MID coming in force, which were oriented to its explanation, practical applications and its impacts on existing processes.

Czech Calibration Association is a grounded member of the European Calibration Association (EUROCAL).

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